What are the first steps to follow on Izix?

Get a clear overview of the 5 first steps you need to follow to start using Izix!

You are now part of the Izix community, welcome!

This article will guide you through your first steps on our web interface. Go through all steps in detail (particularly step 3 & 4) to ensure you are set to easily access your parking.

1. First login and invitation confirmation

If your organisation uses SSO (= Single-Sign-On authentification method) you do not need to set up your password. See more here. 

As a user, you do not need to create an account on Izix. Your account will be created by your company's administrator. Once your profile has been saved and configured by your administrator, they may invite you to connect to the online platform. The invitation will automatically be sent by email with the object:"[AdministratorName] has invited you to Izix".
Click on the "Accept invitation" button in the email and you will be redirected. 

"Accept invitation" button is a personal identification link. It is linked to your email address and can only be used from it. It can only be used once. This link is only valid for short period of time after which it will be disabled. You will then have to ask your administrator to send you a new invite.

2. Choose your password

Enter your password and confirm it.

Your password must contain at least 6 characters. 

3. Check your personal information

If your parking has ANPR (camera recognition) enabled, you need to save your licence plate on your profile. You may want to update other information. To do so, go to My profile. On this page, you can modify your credentials, update profile information and your licence plate:

    4. Discover your accesses 

    To find out more about your access, go to: My accesses 

    Two main concepts will define your access to the parking:

    • Access type/strategy: An access type/strategy is a specific type of planning that allows the user to rightfully gain access to the parking lot. Depending on the access type you may book your spot in advance or can only access it if spots are available. Find all access types here.
    • Access method: Defines how you can access the parking. Izix offers three access methods:
      • Code: Each user receives a personal code that can be used at a keypad.
      • App: Users can open the gate via their app.
      • ANPR: Automatic licence plate recognition via camera.

    To better understand your existing accesses, take a look at this article.

    If you do not have any accesses, please contact your administrator. Izix does not assign access rights on behalf of organisations.

    5. Download the Izix application

    All you have left to do is to download the Izix application. This is crucial if your organisation allows access via remote control.

    6. Everything is ready!

    🎉 🙌 Did you follow all of the above steps? Congratulations, you are all set. We are excited to have.

     Your login and password will remain the same on the website and on the app.