What are the first steps to follow on Izix?

Get a clear overview of the 4 first step you need to follow to start using Izix!

You are now part of the Izix community, welcome!

This article will guide you through your first steps on our web interface and our application. 

1. Login

How to log in on Izix for the first time ?

2. Check your personal information

Go to My profile. On this page, you can:
  1. Change your password
  2. Modify your profile information (phone number etc)
  3. Modify your vehicle information
  4. Manage your vehicles

3. Discover your accesses 

To find out more about your access, go to: My accesses
There are different access types that will define your access to the parking lot(s).

4. Download the Izix application

All you have left to do is to download the Izix application. How to do this?