What are the different access types/strategies?

Discover the different access types an administrator can give to a profile.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.


An access type/strategy is a specific type of planning that allows the user to rightfully gain access to the parking lot. Users can only use the strategies that are allowed for them by their organization (e.g. a manager should always have a secured parking spot vs an employee who should book their spot manually).

Each access type has a different impact on the time where the user can access the parking, on the occupancy count of the parking, and on the duration of his access. The goal is to regulate the access to the parking for users with different needs. This is why it is often also referred to as "access strategy".

The access types available in Izix

Within Izix, there are several access types that can be set up according to the parking policy defined. They take into account priority, capacity to plan ahead, actions required by the user, etc.




An access strategy is linked to a parking lot's group of spots

An access strategy, which is basically a usage method of the parking lot, is linked to a group of spots. By default, a parking lot is composed of a single group of spots. An administrator has the possibility to divide it into sub-groups which will then be linked to an access service.

What are cost-required accesses?

Some of these accesses can be configured as “cost-required accesses” : booking, first come fist served and on-the-fly booking. This means that users with this type of access right will have to spend credits they receive to make use of a parking lot. Making use of the parking lot will then lead to a decrease in the number of credits the user receives at the beginning of the month. The number of credits depends on the profiles' budgets defined and the decrease is proportional to the access cost defined by the admin.

If you are already using a specific set of access types (e.g. FCFS) but you would like to add a new one (e.g. booking), please contact your CSM. The support of a CSM is recommended due to the impact on parking spot groups and similar.