How to use your phone as a remote control?

Why and how you can use your mobile phone as a remote to open and close the gate of the parking lot.

Definition: Remote control at Izix is referring to the digital remote control you will have in your Izix app on your smartphone once having a valid parking access. This remote will enable you to open the gate of the parking lot.

Why should I use my phone as a remote control? 

Thanks to the technologies used by Izix allowing you to use your smartphone as a remote control, you will no longer get stuck at the entrance of a parking lot because you have forgotten or lost your badge. Your phone, that you usually always carry, makes entering and exiting your parking lots easier and safer. 

How to use my phone as a remote control ?

To have access to the remote control, you need to be connected to the network (through 4G or wifi).

To enable gate opening, make sure to activate your geolocation is enabled.

  1. Download our app:
  2. Connect. To do this, provide your login credentials :
    • Email;
    • Password,
Or scan the QR Code on your online profile
 3.   Click on the remote and select your entrance location
    • To enter by car click on "Enter"
    • To go out by car click on "Exit"
    • To enter / leave on foot click on "Pedestrian"