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How to solve my issue on the Izix application?

You have tried to enter in the parking lot, but encountered an issue, either with the localisation, version, access etc. and want to prevent this from happening in the future? Then you are at the right place!

Why should I solve my issue on the Izix app?

If you need to use your mobile phone to enter and exit the parking lot, it is important of course that this works smoothly. 

90 percent of the issues can already be solved by performing the following actions.

If you are in front of the gate and encounter an issue with your mobile application for any reason. 


First of all check what other access methods that you have. If you have another access method, please use on of them to enter the parking lot, as a workaround

Update your phone version

The Izix application supports:

iOS: version 14 and higher
Android: Version 9 and higher

If your phone version is lower then the versions mentioned above, it means that is not supported by Izix, so you will not be able to use the Izix application. 

You can update your phone version by : 
1. Going through the settings of your phone
2. Clicking on "Software update"
3.To perform the update


Reinstall the Izix application

1. Remove the application (by pressing on the Izix icon and clicking on remove)

2. To then go to the Appstore (iOS) or Playstore (Android)

3. To insert "Izix" in the search bar

4. And click on "Download"

5. To finally press on "Open"

6. And insert your login and password or if you log in with SSO, you should click on "Log in with QR-code"  (once you are logged in, you will stay logged in by default)


How to install Izix on iOS


How to install Izix on Android 



Mandatory: Give Izix Permission to your camera and localisation

1 Then go to the settings of your mobile phone
2. Search and click on "Applications"
3. And then on "Izix"
4. Then you have to click on "Permissions"
5. And activate "Camera" and "Location"

After a while or when your phone did a version update you will need to give permission to Izix again.


If you don't see any remote displayed

  • If you have a booking access, you need to make a booking first to then be able to click on the booking access, that will be available during the booking period and then have access to the buttons of the remote
  • It could also be that the parking has not been configured/installed yet


Once you are in front of the gate activate your  4G and location.


Tip: If your phone is not able to localise itself.
You can force the localization of your mobile phone:

1. when you are in front of the gate
2. Have your 4G and localization  activated
3. Go to Google maps
4. Go back to the Izix application
5. This way Google maps will force the localisation of your phone.


Still can't enter nor exit the parking lot?
In case you still cannot enter nor exit the parking lot, you can call the Emergency line : 02 880 83 71

Please give the following information when calling : 
  • Address parking lot
  • Name organisation