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Why do I have the message "You are too far from the gate" and how to solve it?

This article will help you if you cannot open the gate with your mobile in-app remote.

Definition: The in-app remote control is an access method that gives you the possibility to use your mobile phone to enter and exit the parking lot. For this you should download the Izix mobile application and use your access type accordingly to enjoy parking access through your remote control.

Why Should I download the Izix application

In order to be able to enter your parking lot(s) using your smartphone as a remote control, it is essential to download the "Izix" mobile application.

What could be the reasons I get the message that I am too far from the gate and how can I fix this?

  • First of all, check that your 4G and geolocation are activated.
  • Once you are in front of the barrier (beside activating your 4G and geolocation),  go to Google maps to locate yourself, so that your mobile would force your geolocation, and then return to "Izix".
  • If you have an Android / iOS could you should also check in the settings of your mobile device that the geolocation is on the highest precision:


  1.  Go to the "Settings" of your phone
  2. Go to "Applications"
  3. Select "Izix"
  4. Go to Localisation / Position
  5. Click on "While using the app"
  6. Activate the button "Precise location'"



Still can't enter nor exit the parking lot?
In case you still cannot enter/exit the parking lot, you can call the Emergency line : 02 880 83 71

Please give the following information when calling : 
  • Address parking lot
  • Name organisation