Izix app: Error "You are too far from the gate".

Understand why the error message appears and what to do about it.

Definition: The in-app remote control is an access method that gives you the possibility to use your mobile phone to enter and exit the parking lot. For this, the Izix mobile application is required (iOS, Android).

1. I am standing in front of the gate, why does the app not recognise my location?

The issue you are facing may be related to the local settings of your phone, an issue with the cache of your app or even the configuration of the gate location. In most cases, it is due to the fact that the app was opened too early. It is always recommendable to only open the app once you are directly in front of the gate.

2. What to do in case of the error message

a) Review your geolocation settings

  • Check that your 4G and geolocation are activated.
  • Once you are in front of the barrier (beside activating your 4G and geolocation),  go to Google maps to locate yourself, so that your mobile forces your geolocation, and then return to the "Izix app".
  • If you have an Android / iOS please check in the settings of your mobile device that the geolocation is on the highest precision: Settings -> (Applications) -> Izix -> (Permissions) -> Localisation/Position -> (While using the app) -> Activate "Precise location"

b) Clear the cache of your app

Depending on the device you are using (iOS or Android) the steps differ slightly. To clear the cache, please follow the below steps:

iOS Android
Settings -> General -> iPhone storage -> Izix app -> clear cache Settings -> Apps -> Izix app -> Storage -> Clear cache

c) Uninstall the app & download it again

The deletion of the app can work if the above steps have failed. This will force a reset of the previously set configuration and install the newest version of the app.

3. Inform support if you and multiple users experience the same issue

If you and other users experience the same issue and the above steps did not help, it may be required to adjust the location of the gate in the system. Note, however, that this will then apply to all users. This adjustment is only required in very rare cases.


When reaching out about an issue with the app, please always provide the following information:

  • Phone model
  • Operating system (iOS / Android)
  • Version of the operating system
  • Version of the Izix app
  • Screenshot(s) of any error messages