Izix app: Error "Invalid token"or "Invalid credentials"

Understand why the error message appears and what to do about it.


In some cases, a reinstall of the app helps. The deletion of the app can work if the below steps failed. This will force a reset of the previously set configuration and install the newest version of the app.

This article includes the following:

  1. Reasons for the error message
  2. How to solve the issue

1. Reasons for the error message

2. How to solve the issue

a) Clear the cache of your app

Depending on the device you are using (iOS or Android) the steps differ slightly. To clear the cache, please follow the below steps:

iOS Android
Settings -> General -> iPhone storage -> Izix app -> clear cache Settings -> Apps -> Izix app -> Storage -> Clear cache

b) Login via SSO

It could be that your organisation uses SSO to connect. If so you will not be able to login with the traditional login and password on the Izix login page itself. Please see here how to login with SSO and check with your administrator the login procedure of your organisation. 

c) Reset your password

Click on "Forgotten password?" to reset your password. You will receive an email. Alternatively, you can change your password on the web (not on the app). See here how to.

Please check your spam folder for any Izix notifications. If you did not receive an email, it is likely that your organisation uses SSO (see above). Otherwise, please contact our Support Team.

d) You only have a visitor profile

If you are visiting an organisation, you should have received an email with a link to open the gate upon your arrival. You cannot login to the Izix app in this case. To know if you have a visitor role you can always redirect yourself to on of the parking/office administrators of your organisation. 

e) You are logging in for the first time

In most cases, you should have received an Izix invitation and confirmed your profile by clicking on the link in the email. Please reach out to your parking/office administrator. They will be able to confirm whether your profile was successfully created or if there are any issues.