How to cancel a booking?

If you booked a parking spot but finally won't need it, it is important to cancel your booking before it starts, so that someone else can use your parking spot.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: A booking is an access strategy where the user books a parking spot in advance (within the day limit) by using the calendar interface. The user selects a specific schedule within the hours authorized by their access service and the availability of the parking lot. The user will be able to enter the parking lot within the booking period.


Why cancelling a booking?

With Izix, the booking (BOOK) access type enables you to create or cancel bookings. Once you book a spot, one spot is reserved for you in the parking lot during the booking period. If your booking access is linked to a credit wallet; you will be charged at the start time of your booking. Therefore, it is essential to cancel your booking in the case of some unexpected event prevents you from coming to the parking lot. If you do not cancel your booking, the credits will be deducted and the parking spot will remain inaccessible for other users of your organisation that might have benefited from it.


How do I cancel a booking on the web interface of Izix?

How do I cancel a booking on the mobile application of Izix?

How to cancel a booking?

Cancel a booking through the Izix software 
1. In the menu on the left, choose "My accesses"


2. Click on "Create a booking" to the right of your booking access to see your bookings as well

3. Click on the "Delete" button in the agenda view
3.1. Or click on "List view
3.2. Use the agenda to search for the booking you want to delete
3.3. Finally click on the "Delete" icon at the right of the booking

5. Click on "Confirm

Cancel a booking through the app

  1. Click on "Booking".
  2. Click on the date on which you want to delete your booking
  3. Click on the "Delete" icon to the right of the booking to be cancelled
  4. Click on "Delete" to confirm