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Why do I have the message "No remote"?

This article will clarify why you don't have access to the buttons "Enter" / "Exit"on your in app remote control.

Definition: The in-app remote control is an access method that gives you the possibility to use your mobile phone to enter and exit the parking lot. For this you should download the Izix mobile application and use your access type accordingly to enjoy parking access through your remote control.


What should I check if I don't have access to the buttons of my remote?

  • Are you connected to a data service provider (e.g. 4G or Wifi)? If you are offline, the remote control won't be able to load.
  • Do you have an access type to be able to access the parking lot (did your administrator provide you with a valid access at the time you tried)?

If you don't have an access type, you won't be able to access the remote control. 
You will then need to contact your administrator, so that he can give you an access type.

If you received a booking access, you will need to make a booking first. Then, you will be able to see your access. See here how you can create a booking.

  • Did you use your access type accordingly? Some access types guarantee you the presence of the remote control without anterior required actions (e.g. FCFS or Preferential), while for others you need to plan your access (e.g. Booking)
  • Is Izix live in your parking lot? If not, you might need to wait for finalization of the installation and set up before getting the remote control.

If your access is not displayed, swipe the page from top to bottom to refresh the page.

Due to local network constraints, some parking lots are not equipped with in-app remote access. In this case, other alternatives are available.


Still can't enter nor exit the parking lot?
In case you still cannot enter nor exit the parking lot, you can call the
Emergency line : 02 880 83 71

Please give the following information when calling : 
  • Address parking lot
  • Name organisation