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How to assist parkers requiring support to access the parking lot?

Through our control room, you are able to assit parkers calling your help to access the parking lot

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: The Control Room is a dedicated page on the Izix interface where parking lot owners, managers, security and reception stakeholders can see parkers interactions with the parking lot. It enables to monitor the accesses to the parking lot and provide a valid access to parkers calling for support upon accessing the parking lot.



Why do I need to assist parkers?

Upon entrance or exit of the parking lot, parkers might encounter issues and therefore ring for support:

  • A parker has forgotten their phone, hence they cannot enter autonomously
  • A parker is a visitor, who is not familiar with the Izix system, or they were not announced in need of a spot
  • Etc.

A parker encountering an issue to access the parking lot will in this case likely reach out for support, e.g. ringing at the interphone, to get assistance to access the parking lot. We provide specific functionalities to assist parkers in this case.

How can I check in on a parker and provide access to the parking lot?

You will need to have the "Parking owner" or "Receptionist" role to be able to access the control room. See here all the existing roles in Izix 


There are 3 cases : 

1) Parker exists and has a valid acces

2) The parker exists but has no valid access

3) The parker does not exist and is a visitor


Search for the parker

Search for the parker (based on name, organisation, license plate) in the search bar.

Either the parker exists, or it does not. If the parker exists: they might have a valid parking access or not.




The parker exists and has valid access to the parking lot

Select the access, click on "Open gate"


Select the gate to open





The parker exists, but has no valid access

In this case, the parker needs to verify via the app or on the web when their access is valid and fulfil the requirements. In the following example, the parker has no valid right to access the parking lot. They must verify the reason of this with the (tool) manager of Izix within their organisation.  





The parker does not exist and is a visitor

There are two options: either the organisation the visitor is visiting accepts visitors on their spots, or they don't. If they do, you can register the visitor in the system and let them in.

1. Insert the last name of the visitor

2. If they do not exist you will be able to create a visitor profile by clicking on "Create Profile +"


3. Fill in the visit's information to create your visit 


4. Fill in the profile information to confirm the visit and to create the profile

5. You can then "Confirm" or "Confirm & open gate"


6. If you click on "Confirm & open gate"
The vistor's profile will be create as well as their visit and you will be able to select the gate you would like to open