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Why could my licence plate not be read ?

There are several possible reasons why the gate does not open when you try to access with your licence plate.

Definition:  Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR), is one of the entrance methods proposed by Izix on some parking lots. The camera reads your license plate; the software determines if this license plate has the right to enter the parking lot and, if so, triggers the gate to open.


Use another access method:

There is always at least a second entrance method enabled on each parking lot (e.g. app, code, etc.).

If you encounter repetitive trouble to access through license plate recognition while it works fine for other users, we advice you to use another access method.

How do you get access by license plate recognition to your parking lot?

The access with license plate recognition is only possible on a series of limited parking lots. You can check if access to the parking lot is possible through license plate recognition in the description of your access (check out for the  pictogram)

To enable access to the parking lot based on your license plate, you need to complete and maintain your license plate information up to date in your profile. When this information is completed, you can start access the parking lot by simply presenting your vehicle in front of the gate. 

The camera will read your license plate and communicate it to the system, that will check if you have a valid access to the parking lot. If yes, the system will inform the gate management system that the gate can be opened. If there is no valid access (e.g. no booking is made, all First come first serve spots are busy, etc.), the gate will not open.

In some rare cases it is possible that the camera is not able to read your license plate, mostly due to factors outside of our control. In this case, the information is not read and not send to the system: no gate opening can be triggered. 

What could be the reasons why my license plate could not be read?

  • Car positioning: Was the positioning of the car adequate? As a reminder, you have to position your car in the field of vision of the cameras (4-8m before the gate) and drive slowly (5km/h) until you reach the parking access gates. Once in front of the gates, stop and wait a few seconds.
  • License plate state: Is your car plate readable: is it clean? Is it highly reflective ? Is it personalized or does it includes "0", "Q", "O" characters? Sensors might have trouble differentiating some characters and reading in specify conditions

  • The error rate for ANPR cameras is usually around 3 to 5% because it is based on artificial intelligence. It is therefore possible that you were in this small percentage at the time.


Still can't enter nor exit the parking lot?
In case you still cannot enter nor exit the parking lot, you can call the Emergency line : 02 880 83 71

Please give the following information when calling : 
  • Address parking lot
  • Name organisation