What is the procedure for inviting a profile that is already part of another organisation?

You would like to add a profile, but you get the message that they already exist in another organisation? No worries! You are at the right place to find out more about the process.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: A profile is a user within an organization. It means that each user is linked to one or various organizations by their profiles.

Why creating a profile?

The creation of profiles is essential for an administrator to be able to subsequently assign parking lot accesses to its users, manage their roles and manage their access to parking lots and vehicles. Anyone with access to Izix has a profile, regardless of their role (administrator or simple user). 

How to add a profile that is already part of another organisation 

1. Go to "Profiles"

2. Click at the right top on "New"

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3. Fill in the fields to create the profile 

4. Click on "Confirm"


5. You will receive a message saying that the profile already exist in another organisation
6. Click on "Invite"



Usually at this step the profile would already have been displayed in your list of profiles, in this case the profile will only be displayed AFTER he accepted his invitation.

7. The user receives an invitation mail to join your organisation, that they need to accept 

Before clicking on "Accept invitation" he will need to ensure that he is logged in on the account with which you have added him.

8. He can then click on "Accept invitation

accept invitation

9. He will be redirected to a page in which he will need to "Accept" the invitation


10. Now he will appear in your profiles list