What is Izix?

What does Izix stands for, what does it offer, what are the benefits? Curious? Learn more, here!

Izix is a Proptech company (SaaS).

Proptech is an innovative approach to real estate in which technology optimizes the way people research, rent, buy, sell, and manage a property. PropTech real estate startups are all those that are attempting to make the real estate industry (especially in highly dense cities) better, more efficient, and easier to navigate for all parties involved.

What is the purpose of this software?

The development of this software stems from a simple observation: a company's demand for additional parking spots often comes from its lack of visibility into its current infrastructure. However, the management of additional parking spots and the new mobility alternatives available only increase the complexity of parking lot management.

Izix's software was developed with a specific goal in mind: to help organisations increasing the visibility of their parking infrastructures and facilitate their management.

Who is it for?

Izix is designed to assist  all types of organization in the management of their parking infrastructure(s). It is therefore aimed at building owners, parking managers, fleet managers, etc.

What does Izix do?

Izix enables these different players to optimize the use of their parking facilities and improve the parking lot and mobility experience for their users.

Building owners will see the software as a platform that centralizes all information about their parking lots and tenants, enabling them to make informed parking management decisions.

Parking managers or fleet managers will see it as a means of clarifying the use of parking lot within their organization, maximizing parking lot occupancy rates, having real-time visibility on parking lot occupancy, etc.

What are the benefits of using such software?

  • Time and money savings: thanks to our reporting tools, it is possible to analyze the actual and planned occupation of a parking lot in order to optimize its management.
  • Improved end-user satisfaction : 
    • Our software allows an organization to clarify its parking policy by defining precise parking lot access rules. 
    • It gives users more flexibility in their day-to-day use of the parking lot. 
    • It facilitates access to the parking lot for users who access the parking lot using their phone as a remote control, using their personal code or via plate recognition technology.
  • User empowerment: After clarifying the parking policy, users are empowered to manage their own access to the parking lot according to their needs.

Why opting for SaaS?

  • More economical: The SaaS model makes it possible to :
    • Pay only for the use made of the software since it allows a company to rent a service rather than buying a software license. 
    • Reduce implementation costs but also infrastructure costs since the solution is entirely hosted by Izix.
  • More flexible and easy to use: accessible via a simple URL anywhere and at any time
  • More innovative: updates and the launch of new functionalities are much easier in the context of a SaaS because it is an internal deployment that does not require the intervention of computer specialists in your offices.