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How to identify wrong behaviour?

Understanding wrong behaviour will help optimization of your parking lot.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

DefinitionWrong behaviour is a behaviour that goes beyond the good use of the parking lot, within what has been established, e.g. a user making a booking and not coming, a user that did not free his preferential spot, a user that stayed longer than his booking, etc. 

Wrong behaviour comes with risks of over or under occupancy of the parking lot. 

What is wrong behaviour?

Izix helps to prevent wrong behaviour by controlling access to the parking lots (entrances, exits) and bringing data together that helps monitor parking lot usage and users' behaviour. Yet, there are situations that the system cannot prevent.

A booking that has not been cancelled

Users make bookings before accessing the parking lot. It might happen that users make bookings and don't come in the end. In this case, a spot is still booked for them in the parking lot; this spot cannot be used by another user.

Booking and parking lot usage are not aligned

Users can make bookings and not respect them when using the parking lot (e.g. making a booking for one hour and staying 5, making a full day booking and staying half a day, etc.).

 A spot has not been released (PREF)

When a user has a preferential access, a spot is automatically booked for them. In case they do not come, they can release their spot. If they don't, the spot is blocked for their usage, other users cannot benefit from that spot.

How can I understand the wrong behaviour in my parking lot? 

To monitor parking lot usage and wrong behaviour, you will have to compare planned and real usage of the parking lot:

  1. Download the access list
  2. Download the access logs
  3. Compare the data in both sheets, e.g.:
    1. Did a user that made a booking come to the parking lot on a given day?
    2. Did a user with preferential access come to the parking lot on a given day?
    3. Did a user leave after his booking time?