How to deal with extra credit request?

If a user's credit balance is empty, they can request extra credits. See how you can manage them properly.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: A credit is a fictitious unit of measurement that quantifies parking lot usage. A credit corresponds to one booking unit. They represents the balance of the wallet.

When and why will you receive additional credit requests?

Only users with cost-required access (BOOK, FCFS or OTFB types) can request extra credits. These users have a credit budget per period (allocated according to the refill policy) that is allocated to them by the administrator and which allows them to use the parking lot. The hourly cost depends on the configuration established by your organization. The use of the parking lot leads to a decrease in the number of credits which is proportional to the planned usage time (i.e. the duration of the booking rather than the time spent in the parking lot). 

However, it is possible that your users' credit balance is empty. In order to continue using the parking lot, users will have to request extra credits. It is up to the organization's administrator to approve or refuse them.

As an administrator, your decision will depend on the information provided by the users: the access they have, the number of credits remaining, the number of credits requested and the reason for their request.

How do I manage requests for additional credits? 

1. In the menu on the right top  select "Credit requests"



2. Click on "Approve" or "Decline"


Tip: When you receive a new request as an administrator for additional credits, a green notification will appear in the right top menu on your screen.