How do I create a Community?

In case you want to allow several members and users from different organizations to use specific spots and access rights, start by creating a community!

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: A community is a group of organizations that is created to be able to share access to the member organizations.

A community is owned by an organization called the owner organization. The profiles of this organization able to create and administrate the community are the community managers.

Invited representatives are the persons receiving invitations sent by the community manager to join his community.

If they refuse, the invitation becomes a denied membership. They won't have access to the community accesses of the community.

The organization of an invited representative becomes a member organization of the community after acceptance of the invitation.

Member organizations can use the accesses linked to a community. Accesses linked to a community are called community accesses.


Why should I create a community?

Once in a community, common parkings areas can be shared amongst multiple building tenants.

Certain buildings have common parking areas that owners expect to make available to multiple tenants across the building. For owners, this would mean further optimization of limited resources, likely improving revenue and overall tenant satisfaction.

Examples: EV charging zones, common visitor's areas, handicap spots, bikes zone, event parking, and more generally all unleased spots.

Case : Organisation X has multiples tenants. 

The administrator of organisation X always has to create visits for all the different tenants on their parking lot, which takes the administrator of organisation X a lot of time. 

With the community they created, they are able now to add members, which are the administrators of their tenants. The administrators of these tenants will get an invitation email to join the community of the administrator of organisation X. 

This will ensure that each tenant can make their own reservations on the shared access spots for the community and the administrator of organisation X does not need to do this for each of their tenants anymore.

How can I create a community

1.  Click on the right top function "Parking management interface"


2. Click then on the tab "Communities"


3. Click at the right top of the page on "Create community"


4. You will then need to fill in the name of your community
5. Confirm by clicking on "Submit"



7. Your community has been created


You can now add members and link accesses.