How do I create a visit through the control room?

Create a visit so that your visitors are able to enter the parking lot easily.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: A visit is a period during which a visitor can access the parking lot. They will then access the parking lot thanks to an email they will receive once the visit has been created for them. This email will contain a link with which they will be able to enter the parking lot on the given date and time that is mentioned in the e-mail. So the visit is linked to the visitor's e-mail address. The email might also contain a code (if code is a valid entrance method on the parking lot) that the visitor can use to access the parking lot.


How do I create a visit through the control room?

1. Go to "Parking management Interface"
2. Click on "Control room" on the left
3. Enter name of the visitor in the search bar
4. Click on "Create profile"

You can create a visit from here:

5. Select the parking lot
6. Select the organization that the visitor is visiting
7.  Enter the visitor's access type 

In this field you will be able to select the Community Vistor access, if this Community access has been created.

8. Insert the start and end date + start and end duration
9. Click on "Next"


11. Fill in the visitor's contact details
12. Click on "Confirm"


13. The visit has been created

14. A confirmation that the visit has been created is shown at the top right


The email below is sent to the visitor once the visit has been created:

visitor email new izix

The barriers cannot be opened if the visit is not yet taking place (e.g.: before tomorrow). If the visit is starting right now, the receptionist can also click on confirm to open up the gate straight away.