How can I log in if my invitation has expired?

Your administrator invited you to join Izix, but you were for example on holiday 7 days ago. Find here what you can do to be able to log in anyway!

Definition:  The profile invitation is the flow of inviting a profile of an organization for a user. This action will invite the user to set his credentials for this specifics profile or use the existing ones.

How can I log in if my invitation link has expired? 

If your invitation link has expired you don't even need to contact your administrator to resend you a new one. 

By resetting your password, you will on one hand be able to log in and on the other hand, by default, this will also accept your invitation. 


How to reset your password 

1) Go to the login page:
2) To click on "Forgotten password?"
3) And insert your email address (on which you have received the invitation mail of Izix)
4) And then go to your mailbox (+ check spam)
5) And go to the email sent by with which you will be able to reset your password
6) Once you have reset your password, you will be able to log in with your new password on the login page :
7) Your invite has by default been accepted as well

Don't receive any mails from Izix ? 
If you don't receive any email from in your mailbox nor in your spam, please contact your IT, so that they can check that this email address has been whitelisted internally. 


Can't reset your password? 
Check internally with your administrator if the SSO (= Single-Sign-On) has been activated to log in.

If so you won't be able to reset your password and will need to connect by following the internal instuctions.