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How to understand parking lot use?

With Izix, you have the data to check your parking usage and take action upon it!

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: The access list displays all the planned usages in the parking lot over a given period of time. You can see it as the agenda of the parking lot.

Why do I need to understand the use of the parking lot?

Izix collects data that will enable you to understand the usage of your parking lot. It will provide you with an overview of the parking lot pressure, identify further need or possibilities for optimisation, understand the behavior of your users: Are there too many spots, is the parking lot full regularly, are there days where the pressure is higher on the parking lot, are users using the parking lot equally, what is the average time in the parking lot, etc.?

How to get and analyse your parking lot occupancy (access list)?

  1. Download the access list
  2. Check your mailbox
  3. Open the file with excel (the file comes in csv format)
  4. Select the data you want to put in your analysis
  5. Create a pivote table in Excel, by clicking on "create a pivote table"
  6. Select the variables that you want to see in your summed up table

To create a pivot table, please refer to Microsoft's helpcenter

Based on this data, you will be able to analyse the occupancy of your parking lot by user, and invoice them afterwards if this i spart of your parking policy.