How to cancel a booking that has already started?

Organization's administrators are allowed to put an end to a booking even though it has already started.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition:  Terminate a booking does not means that we cancel a booking but we put an end date to is, which means we stop the booking. 


Why should I terminate a booking that has already started?

You made a booking, but the day of your booking you are feeling sick for example. You notice that your booking period has already started and that you don't have the possibility to remove your booking anymore. In order to stop your booking to release the spot, you need to contact one of the administrators of your organization so that you can explain the situation. They have the possibility from their account to remove your booking even though it has already started.


How can an administrator terminate a booking that has already started?

There are two ways to put an end to an already started booking.

Through the profile page of the end user

1. Insert the end user name in the search bar
2. Click on search
3. Click on the eye icon that is displayed at the right as "Show"
john doe
4. Scroll down in his Profile until you see "Bookings"
5. Click at the right of his booking on the "X" icon : "Terminate booking"

Through the access list

1. Click at the left on the parking lot 
2. Click on "Access list"
3. Search for the booking of the person with the search bar 
4. Click on the 3 dots at the right of the booking
5. Click on "Terminate booking"


If the reservation that has already started (in progress) has been terminated, the end users will not be refunded (credits, money etc.)
  1. Focus on the core problem of ‘making the unused space accessible for someone else’.
  2. Avoid misbehavior;  if a parker is in the parking lot, but his/her booking is terminated, he/she would get money back even if they are still using the space. That could create an incentive for exploitation.