How to find the history of my bookings back?

You would like to find back all the bookings you made in a parking lot? Great, in this article you will find how you can quickly see the bookings you made over a certain period of time in a specific parking lot.

Definition: A booking is an access strategy where the user books a parking spot in advance (within the day limit) by using the calendar interface. The user selects a specific schedule within the hours authorized by their access service and the availability of the parking lot. The user will be able to enter the parking lot within the booking period.


Why should I book a parking spot?

If you benefit from an access of the "Booking" type (BOOK), you must create a booking to be able to access the parking lot. Without booking, you will not be able to enter the parking lot (no remote control showing up in the app, no opening of the gate with licence plate recognition or with code, etc.).


How can I find my bookings back?

1. Click at the right top on your name 

2. Click then in the little menu on "My accesses"

3. You will then need to click on the green button "Create a booking" next to the parking lot for which you would like to find your booking history back 


4. Click on "View as a list"


5. You will see today's date displayed, you will need to click on it

6. You will see a little menu in which you can choose the timeframe for which you would like to see the history of your bookings

7. Click afterwards on "Confirm"3-Jun-01-2022-09-02-00-68-AM

8. You can see the history of your bookings