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How to create a lease?

Wondering how to create a lease? Great, you can find the few steps to follow here!

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: A lease is an agreement between two organizations, where an organization (the lessor) delegates the usage rights of its parking spots (or a subset of spots) to another organization (the tenant).

Once an organization has rights to a parking spot, it can use it and/or lease it again. In this way, the usage rights can be transferred (leased) over and over and over again. That means that the lessor is not always the owner of the parking lot; it can be an organization that has received the rights through being a tenant.

Why do I need to create a lease?

The Izix lease follows the same principle as any lease agreement you would sign with a third-party: it will define the amount of spots a company can use and the other practicalities (e.g. the access hours of the parking lot). For a tenant to be able to access the parking lot, a lease will be required first.

How can I create a lease?

1.  Go to the "New interface" at the right top of your screen

2.  Click at the left on "Leases" in the navigation bar

3.  Click at the right side of your screen on "New lease"



4.  Select an existing tenant or create a new tenant by clicking on "Create a new tenant +"


  • To create a New tenant fill in all the fields
  • Click on "Next"



5.  Enter the start date by clicking on the empty field under "Start date"


5.1  A calendar in which you can select a start date will show up


6.  You also have the possibility to add an "End date


You can remove the end date, by clicking on "Remove en date" if you would like to remove or change it.


7.  You will then need to select the parking lot on which you are creating your lease


8.  Indicate how many spots in each zone have to be assigned to the lease by clicking on the up or down arrow. You will see that the availability of the number of spots will increase or decrease. 

8.1 Click on "Next"



9.  Select a predefined lease schedule or customize your own lease schedule that will correspond to the parking lot timetable: 


When scrolling down you will see that the agenda is filled in based on what you choose or selected in the previous step

10.  Scroll down and click on "Next"




You will find the overview or your new lease that you will be able to create 

11.  Check if everything is right and scroll down
12.  Click on "Confirm new lease confirmation"




There will be a difference in the way the lease creation will be confirmed : 

For a new tenant, the lease will not be effective immediately because we will have to create the lease. So after confirming the lease creation, it will generate an email that will be send to us. We will do the necessary and get back to you asap to confirm.

For an existing tenant, the change will be immediate (however, before creating the lease, you must be ensured that there are places available: spots that are not leased nor belonging to a group.