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How do I add a license plate for a user?

Discover how you can add a license plate to a user's profile.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: The license plate number of a user is a unique identifier of the vehicle of a user. This information enables to identify a vehicle, and link it to a profile or an organisation. 

Why keeping the vehicles of my users up to date?

Having better information of the vehicles within your parking lot

It can be useful to save license plates in the system if you aim to use the information to check your parking lot occupancy (e.g. safety). 

Providing a swifter parking lot experience with ANPR

There are various entry methods supported by Izix, among which is the license plate reading technology. The access control is made by controlling the license plate of the vehicle presenting itself in front of the gate. Only the vehicles with a license plate registered in our system and linked to a profile benefiting from a valid access will trigger the opening of the gate.

If a user for some reason cannot do this themself or of you want to add the license plate of your user at the moment you are adding them and all of their information, you will need to follow these instructions.

How can you add a license plate to a user's profile?

1. Click at the left on "Profiles"

2. Use the search bar at the top, to insert the profile you are looking for

3. Click on "Search"

4. Click on the eye icon "Show" at the right of the profile


5. You will see all the information of this profile

6. Click on "Add new" next to "Vehicle(s)"


7. Insert the licence plate number in the field

8. Finally click on "Confirm"



There is a limitation of maximum 10 license plates for one profile.