How to delete users access right?

As an administrator you can remove users access right if they do not need it anymore.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: An access right is an authorization given by an administrator to a user that allows them to benefit from one or more parking lot(s) according to a specific framework. There are several ways to benefit from the parking lot(s): booking access, preferential access, "First Come First Served" access, vehicle access, etc. (Discover the types of access)

When to delete the access right assigned to a user?

It can be useful to remove a user's access when they are no longer supposed to use the parking lot.

Example: A user from your organization is leaving your company because they're moving across the country. It is important to delete their access as they are no longer supposed to make use of your parking lot. Depending on their access, this could cause a loss in terms of optimization of your parking lot(s) (e.g. a preferential access that is not removed would indefinitely block access to a parking spot).

How to remove an access from a user?

1. Click on "Profiles" in the menu on the left side of your screen

2. Click on the "Show" button next to the profile whose access you wish to remove 


3. In the "Access" section, click on "Delete" in the row of the table corresponding to the access you wish to delete


4. Access has been removed