How to release a spot for a user?

Release a spot for a user having a preferential access type, if they do not need the spot for a given time.

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: A release is a period of time specified by a user during which they won’t be using  the parking lot. When releasing a spot, a user makes it available to other users, helping optimizing the usage of the parking lot by setting free the spots booked for them during this period.

In which case would you need to release a spot for a user?

Releasing a spot is a way for a user whose profile has been given preferential access (PREF) to notify the rest of the company that they will not use their access for a given period of time. In short, it enables other users to make use of the spot during the release period.

As an administrator, you have the ability to release the spot of a user with a preferential access. It might be handy if a user is out of office for a certain period of time and cannot release their spot by themselves (for example in vacation without an internet connexion). The release will make the spot available to other users benefitting from an access linked to the same group of spots.

How to release a spot ?

1. In the left menu, choose "Profiles"

2. Click on "Show" next to the profile for which you wish to release the spot



3. Click on the "Spot releases" tab at the bottom of the profile page
4. Click on "New"


5. Enter the following information:

  • Access to be released
  • Start Date
  • End Date
6. To validate, click on "Confirm"