How to log in for the first time ?

New to Izix ? Awesome. Let's get you up to speed !


If your organisation uses SSO (= Single-Sign-On authentification method) to sign in please click here. 


1. Registration email

As a user, you do not need to create an account on Izix. Your account will be created by your company's administrator. Once your profile has been saved and configured by your administrator, they may invite you to connect to the online platform. The invitation will automatically be sent by email with the object:"[AdministratorName] has invited you to Izix".

2. Accept the invitation

Click on the "Accept invitation" button in the email and you will be redirected. 

"Accept invitation" button is a personal identification link. It is linked to your email address and can only be used from it. It can only be used once. This link is only valid for short period of time after which it will be disabled. You will then have to ask your administrator to send you a new one.

3. Choose your password

Enter your password and confirm it.

Your password must contain at least 6 characters. 


4. Everything is ready!

You have just logged in for the first time! Now remember to save the page in your favorites for future use and download our application for iOS (here) or Android (here). 

 Your login and password will remain the same on the website and on the app.


You did not receive the email. Or the invitation link is out of date? Please contact your administrator te receive a new registration email.