How do I assign accesses to my community?

Link the accesses you made to your community, so that the members of your community can see and use them as well!

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition: Member organizations can use the accesses linked to a community. Accesses linked to a community are called community accesses.

An access right can be linked uniquely to a community but to various communities.


Why should I assign accesses to my community?

Common parkings areas can then be shared among multiple building tenants.

Certain buildings have common parking areas that owners expect to make available to multiple tenants across the building. For owners, this would mean further optimization of limited resources, likely improving revenue and overall tenant satisfaction.

Examples: EV charging zones, common visitor's areas, handicap spots, bikes zone, event parking, and more generally all unleased spots.


After you have assigned your access(es) to your community,  the administrator who has been added (member) and all of the profiles from this organisation will by default have access to these accesses policies.

It is important to know that all of these profiles will ONLY see theses Community accesses through there mobile application.

How can I assign accesses to my community?

You will first need to create the community accesses, to be able to add them afterwards in you community. See here how you can create the community accesses.

1.  Click on the right top function "Parking management interface"


2. Click on the tab "Communities"

3. And click on "Show" next to the community name

If you did not make a community yet, click here to see how you can create a community first.

4. Click on the tab "Accesses"1-Aug-10-2022-09-18-12-87-AM

5. Click on the button "+ Assign access(es)"


6. Click on the arrow to see the drop down menu


7. Select the community access you created beforehand 


8. Click on "Submit"


9. Your access has been assigned / linked to your community!
The members in your community will be able to use them as well.