How do I create community accesses?

See here how you can create your community accesses, that you will then be able to assign to your community!

This feature's availability depends on your subscription plan and role.

Definition:  Accesses linked to a community are called community accesses. 


Why should I create community accesses

Once in a community, common parkings areas can be shared among multiple building tenants.

Certain buildings have common parking areas that owners expect to make available to multiple tenants across the building.

For owners, this would mean further optimization of limited resources, likely improving revenue and overall tenant satisfaction.

Examples: EV charging zones, common visitor's areas, handicap spots, bikes zone, event parking, and more generally all unleased spots.


By creating community accesses, you will be able to link them to your community, in which all the member organizations will be able to use the community accesses you have created and linked to your community.


How can I create community accesses?

1. Click on the parking lot name in the left navigation bar
2. Click on "Administration"

2 create comm accesses

3. Click on "Management of accesses"

3 Create comm accesses

4. Click on the green button "New"

4 create comm accesses

5. Scroll down to find the community accesses back 

5 create comm accesses

5. Select the Community accesses that you would like to create
(Community First come, first served, Community On the Fly Booking, Community booking, Community visitor)

6. Click on the green button "Next"

6 create comm accesses


7. Fill in all the fields

8. Click on "Next"

naam veld

7 add comm accesses

9. Click on "Next"

8 add comm accesses-1


10. Select the access method(s)

11. Click on "Confirm"

9 add comm accesses

12. Your access(es) has been successfully created!

10 ADD com accesses

You can now assign these community accesses to you community. Click here to see how.